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The Rust Programming Language is a general purpose programming language designed for performance and safety. More information on features of the Rust programming language can be found on the rustlang.org website.

On Bede, Rust is available without the need to load any software modules.

The central installation includes:

  • rustc - The Rust compiler

  • cargo - The Rust package manager

  • rustdoc - Tool to generate documentation from Rust source code

To find the version of rust currently available, run:

rustc --version

If you require a different version of rustc than provided by default on Bede, it should be possible to install locally into your /users directory, the /project or /nobackup file stores to avoid filling your users directory. These methods have not been tested on Bede.

This should be possible via Spack via the rust spack package which provides the rust programming language toolchain.

Alternatively, a powerpc64le rustup installer is available. The rustup installation instructions include a section on controlling the installation location, via the RUSTUP_HOME and CARGO_HOME environment variables which must be set prior to executing the installation script.