3 NVIDIA Grace-Hopper nodes (GH200 480) are now available. See Using Bede for more information.



The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) is available on Bede including C, C++ and Fortran compilers.

The copies of GCC available as modules have been compiled with CUDA offload support:

module load gcc/12.2
module load gcc/10.2.0
module load gcc/8.4.0

The version of GCC which is distributed with RHEL is also packaged as the gcc/native module, providing GCC 8.5.0. This does not include CUDA offload support.

module load gcc/native

For further information please see the GCC online documentation.

aarch64 psABI warnings#

When compiling on the aarch64 Grace-Hopper nodes with --std=c++17, GCC may emit platform specific ABI warnings about a change made in GCC 10.1. These warnings should only be a concern if you are linking objects compiled with GCC >= 10.1 in c++17 mode with objects compiled with GCC < 10.1 in c++17 mode.

Use --Wno-psabi to suppress these warnings.