3 NVIDIA Grace-Hopper nodes (GH200 480) are now available. See Using Bede for more information.

Singularity CE

Singularity CE#

Singularity CE (and Apptainer) is a container platform similar to Docker. Singularity is one of the most widely used container system for HPC. It allows you to create and run containers that package up pieces of software in a way that is portable and reproducible.

Container platforms allow users to create and use container images, which are self-contained software stacks.

ppc64le partitions only

Singularity CE is only available on ppc64le nodes/partitions within Bede.

For aarch64 partitions, please see Apptainer.

Singularity CE is provided by default on ppc64le nodes/partitions, and can be used without loading any modules.


Container images are not portable across CPU architectures. Containers created on x86_64 machines may not be compatible with the ppc64le and aarch64 nodes in Bede.

For more information on how to use singularity, please see the Singularity Documentation.